A bold new world – Kirk and Kirk eyewear

Who exactly are ‘Kirk and Kirk’ of Kirk and Kirk eyewear? They are, of course, the husband and wife duo in charge of this fabulous eyewear brand that loves to be bold, bright and brilliantly different. And we’re proud to have them available in store as part of our curated eyewear collections.

If you want to make a statement, if you’re after a pair of bold glasses frames that turn heads, or if you’re looking for eyewear that teeters on the edge of outrageous, Kirk & Kirk is for you.

A little background

The Kirk family has been in the optical industry for over 100 years. London proved to be an excellent place to launch a business in 1919 – and the Kirks pioneered frame designs that included the first adjustable nose pad. Their frames, fresh out of the workshop, were sent out by motorcycle, which was a ground-breaking concept at the time.

The modern-day Kirk & Kirk is the passion project of Karen and Jason Kirk. This bold and expressive couple has well-polished creative sides and clearly loves what they do. They’ve quoted David Bowie as an inspiration for Kirk & Kirk frames in the past, which explains a lot when you see what this unapologetically daring collection entails.

Kirk & Kirk frames

Kirk & Kirk frames

Kirk & Kirk frame designs are conceived in Brighton, a city known for its flair and colours, so indeed, you’ll find that colourful glasses are exactly where Kirk & Kirk excels. They use Italian-made acrylic in shades and combinations exclusive to their brand, combined with smooth and durable Alpaca Silver. Each pair is carefully crafted in France or Italy—all by hand and under a single roof. This ensures ultimate precision and exceptional quality control.

Think Kirk & Kirk, and you’ll see frames that glow and dance to a different beat.

Set your personality free

Kirk and Kirk eyewear lets your personality soar, and it’s not just the colours that make it exceptional. The frame designs are made to be lightweight and comfortable yet playful, adventurous, and audacious. Whether it’s retro-heavy cat-eye shapes, oversized models, or modern takes on classic designs, this is a brand that defies dull and ordinary.

Seeing is believing

There is only so much we can say about Kirk & Kirk – some things definitely need to be seen and experienced in person. You’ll struggle to find opticians in the City of London who seek out glasses made with meaning and heart as much as OPTIX Opticians at Broadgate, especially when combined with a friendly team of experts and professional eyecare services.

Visit us at 8 Octagon Mall, 100 Liverpool Street, and step out of your comfort zone and into a bold, new world with colourful glasses from Kirk & Kirk.