About us

Our Philosophy

‘Vision for all occasions’
‘Eyewear to see and be seen’
‘Destination for perfect eyewear’.

Our vast experience at the cutting edge of both professional and retail optics, ensures the OPTIX store sources only the finest quality products, at the most competitive prices. As an independently owned and run business, it is our premium service and attention to detail that truly sets us apart.

Our philosophy is expressed in three ways: ‘Vision for all occasions’, ‘Eyewear to see and be seen’ and ‘OPTIX – the destination for perfect eyewear’. In short, we believe eyewear is at least as important as any other element of your apparel. Just as your choice of clothes, footwear and accessories sharpens personal performance and creates the right unique impression, so too does great eyewear. The result, you feel more comfortable and confident with personalised dynamic vision from eyewear that looks and feels…………perfect!

Leisure. Business. Sports. Special events. OPTIX will ensure your eyewear is ideal for all occasions.

Our History

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OPTIX at Broadgate, established in 1992 at the Broadgate Centre on Bishopsgate in the City of London, is an independent optical business owned and operated by Marc Karbaron FBDO and his fantastic professional team of optometrists, dispensing opticians, dispensers and customer service personnel. An optician at the forefront of the profession, Marc has been involved in frame design for Dolce and Gabbana Eyewear, reviews frames, lenses and sunglasses for magazines and newspapers, plus has appeared on TV to discuss eyewear trends.