All Things Feminine with Caroline Abram

Feminine and powerful, Caroline Abram throws out the rulebook and does things her way – arguably creating the most distinctive and sought-after frames on the market.

Her latest luxury eyewear brands collection is both elegant and daring, featuring oversized cat eyes, Swarovski embellishments and a crystal-inspired colour palette – rose quartz, jade and amethyst. Clashing all these elements together, her designs blend whimsical charm with urban edge ensuring you stand out from the crowd.


At Opticians Bishopsgate we love her audacious new collection and are immensely proud to stock one of the most extensive ranges of Caroline Abram glasses in the capital.


French designer Caroline Abram came from optical stock – her mother runs the famous Les Createurs d’Opta in Paris. Having grown up surrounded by some of the world’s finest eye care and eyewear, Caroline started her career as an optician but soon discovered her real passion was for design. She began crafting bejeweled eyewear accessories but grew frustrated at the predictable design of most glasses styles. So, in 2008 she launched her first eponymous collection of frames. Within a decade she had won two prestigious gold Silmo D’Or awards for
design and is now regarded as one of the biggest names in eyewear.
Caroline confesses she designs with a particular clientele in mind – discerning women who are “independent, funny and perhaps a bit stubborn.” Age is no barrier to wearing her designs; it’s all about big personality.
Her frames are likewise packed with character. Exclusively made in France, the latest collection is crafted in an array of eclectic materials, including resin, wood, silver, semi-precious stones and glittering Swarovski crystals. Each pair emanates feminine luxury, drawing inspiration from the vintage styles of the fifties, sixties, and seventies for an effortlessly chic look. Some even claim she was the designer responsible for bringing the cat eye shape back into the trend books!
But what is most striking about Caroline Abram frames is her extraordinary use of colour. Caroline spent some of her childhood living in Dakar in Senegal surrounded by women wearing a kaleidoscopic array of yellows, blues, reds and pinks. She has carried her passion for bright, clashing hues into her work and she loves to combine rich jewel tones to spectacular effect – emerald greens rub against aquamarines, amethyst purples with ruby reds – perfect for expressing your unique character.
These glasses are masterpieces in their own right, with each frame channeling the brand’s distinctive retro glamour. To give you a flavour of her latest collection, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite styles…
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