Buffalo Horn Glasses: The Trend to Watch in 2017

Here at OPTIX Opticians we always keep a keen eye on the latest eyewear fashions, but this year there is one trend to rule them all – buffalo horn.

Designers around the globe are turning to the durable, high-quality material in droves to craft their latest eyewear brands collection, making use of its malleability and stunning range of colours to create an array of head-turning frames. From Lindberg buffalo horn glasses to Tom Ford buffalo horn glasses, to collections from the likes of Oliver Peoples, Hoffman and Calvin Klein, this season Optix UK has been inundated with frames carefully crafted from this bold, yet classic material.

With its vast range of neutral shades and naturally occurring patterns, buffalo horn is the ideal material for top designers to create frames completely unique to each individual wearer. Its translucent appearance interacts with light and changes its colour throughout the day, making it doubly attractive for prescription eyewear you wear all the time. In addition, the material’s beauty is complemented with its hardwearing durability. It is much less likely to scratch or chip than its plastic counterpart, but is also flexible enough to shape into striking frame shapes.

Internationally acclaimed brands such as Lindberg and Tom Ford have harnessed these natural and subtle qualities in their stunning latest collections.

But this isn’t the first time buffalo horn has attracted our attention. In fact, the material has been a firm favourite with homo sapiens for thousands of years, and was used to craft ancient religious totems, drinking instruments and clothes accessories. It is therefore fitting that buffalo horn has re-captured the imagination of modern designers looking to nature for inspiration in the high-tech 21st century.

Buffalo horn glasses in London are the must-have look for this season and beyond. Celebrities such as George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Johnny Depp and Jennifer Aniston are big fans, and have all been spotted donning the trend in recent months. There’s no doubt that buffalo horn frames add effortless style to any look, and the material’s natural durability will ensure your glasses last for many years to come.

OPTIX Opticians has a wide range of buffalo horn glasses London available for you to try, including some of our firm favourites

A pair of stunning and hardwearing Lindberg buffalo horn glasses

Tom Ford buffalo horn glasses add effortless style to any look.

So if you’re seeking a pair of striking new specs that will retain their classic style and high-quality finish, buffalo horn glasses in London might be your ideal fix. Its distinctive yet unique textures and stunning neutral colour palette make it the perfect material for stylish, durable eyewear. Here at OPTIX Opticians we have a great range of buffalo horn frames available for you to try, including buffalo horn glasses Lindberg and Tom Ford buffalo horn glasses, so why not pop into the practice and find a pair that suits today.