Cartier Eyewear – Defining Status

A Brief Rundown on Cartier

The story of Cartier began in 1847 when Louis F Cartier founded the first ever Cartier boutique in Paris after taking over the workshop of his master. 30 years later Louis’s son Alfred took over the company but it was his 3 sons (Louis, Jacques and Pierre) who established Cartier worldwide. Cartier quickly earned the title as the “Jeweller of Kings, King of Jewellers” from King Edward VII. They were and still are the go to brand for many aristocracies including the Russian Imperial Family and the British Monarchy. They were awarded a total of 15 royal patents between 1904 and 1939, making them the official suppliers to the most powerful dynasties in the world.


La Panthère de Cartier

Cartier Panthere Glasses

The signature Cartier Panther seen on all their accessories, including their eyewear range, was incorporated by Jeanne Toussaint who became the director of fine jewellery for Cartier in 1918. She worked closely alongside Louis F Cartier’s oldest grandson – Louis Cartier to incorporate gems to represent the fur of the animal. She was an extremely bold and confident character therefore she was nicknamed ‘La Panthère’ which became a symbolic name that brought around femininity and elegance to the brand. To this day ‘La Panthère’ continues to be the core symbol of the brand.

From jewellery, to watches, Cartier has gone from strength to strength and soon introduced their accessories in the 20th century, including leather goods, and of course, eyewear.


Cartier Glasses

Cartier Eyewear hold the same design and build standards as all their products, meaning they are manufactured from the finest and highest quality materials such as Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Platinum and Buffalo Horn. They are also one of the only companies that have their own manufacturing location for their eyewear – making them even more unique as a luxury eyewear brand. Their frames are created by the highest skilled craftsmen that work for hours and hours on each piece. Cartier frames have to pass a total of 25 various test stages before they are released to the public, this is another testament to Cartier’s attention to detail.

Cartier’s newest Panthère de Cartier collection continues to push the brand’s iconic Panther all whilst remaining modern and elegant.

Cartier Aviator Sunglasses with Graduated Grey Lenses, from the Panthère de Cartier Collection

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