Contact Lenses – The New Look for AW19?

For a natural look, seamless comfort and unrivalled visual clarity, contact lenses are the must-have trend for AW19. Gone are the days of struggling to match your outfit to your frames, of shoving your specs back up your nose mid-spin class or fogging up on the tube commute home!

Contact lenses for sports, occasion wear, or day-to-day, even contact lenses for astigmatism in the UK

Over the past decade, contact lens technology has rapidly evolved to the point where you’ll forget you’re even wearing them. Our expert team are highly qualified to fit you with lenses tailored to your prescription, preferences and lifestyle, so if you’re nervous about touching your eyes or have had a negative experience in the past, give us the chance to change your mind.  We can even deliver your supply to anywhere worldwide!

If you weren’t already sold on giving them a go, here are five ways contact lenses could transform your vision this autumn/winter…

  1. Look Natural

Unrecognisable without your specs? When your closest friends and colleagues think you look naked without your glasses it’s time to rediscover your natural look.  Contact lenses are completely invisible, so whether you’re dressing up for a wedding or down for a dog walk you can experience exceptional vision without hiding your natural features.

  1. Panoramic Vision

You may be the proud owner of the most stylish glasses on the planet, but your frames still loom in your peripheral vision and impede your field of view. Contact lenses fit seamlessly against the surface of your eye, rewarding you with panoramic vision devoid of scratches, smudges or dirt.


  1. Stay Active

All glasses wearers are plagued with fogged up lenses, frame-slippage and fear of facial injury whilst exercising, but these can all be concerns of the past with contact lenses for sports. This transformative eyewear free you to enjoy staying active whatever the weather – and however sweat-inducing your exercise!

  1. Unencumbered Fit

As independent opticians in London, we specialise in fitting frames for absolute comfort and clarity. But however good the fit, some patients find frames cumbersome on their nose and ears. Nothing can compare to the freedom of relinquishing glasses altogether, and contact lenses are now so light and breathable you’ll forget you’re even wearing them!

  1. Tailored to You

Contact lens technology has never been better, so whether your eyesight is myopic, multi-focal or astigmatic, there’s a pair of contact lenses perfectly aligned to your prescription. Our team are highly skilled at matching you with lenses to suit your lifestyle, so you can choose from a broad range of daily disposables, two-weekly or monthly varieties, and even contact lenses for astigmatism in the UK.

Free yourself from your frames and experience the transformative power of contact lenses in London today – book in your trial appointment with OPTIX either online or by phone 020 7628 0330.