Costa Sunglasses – Setting the Sustainability Trend

Sustainability is all about making changes to the way we live to reduce our impact on the environment. As part of Global Recycling Day on March 18th, we’re promoting eyewear brands that feel as passionate about sustainability as we do — and that’s where Costa sunglasses come in.

Costa doesn’t just talk about sustainability, they act on it by turning old fishing nets into sunglasses and creating campaigns to reduce plastic waste. So if you’re looking for sustainable sunglasses in the UK these shades might just be for you.

Who is Costa?

Costa is an American maker of polarised sunglasses. The brand started out in Daytona Beach, Florida, in 1983. Costa’s sunglasses are made for adventurous souls who love spending time outdoors, especially on or in the water, from athletes and surfers to campers and fishing fans.

Costa has created an expansive range of sunglasses that combine colour-enhancing polarised glass and high-quality, durable and well-fitting frames.

Every pair of Costa sunglasses relies on 580® lens technology to reduce haziness, and enhance clarity and contrast. You can choose between 2 types of lenses: 580G, which is scratch-resistant and offers superior clarity, or 580P, which is a lightweight polycarbonate material that is also impact-resistant.

As for frame designs, this brand has plenty of options, including pilot, cat-eye, round, square and many more.

Costa’s Sustainability

The brand may be popular because of its high-quality products, but it is arguably best known for its focus on sustainability and conservation.

In 2018, Costa’s Kick Plastic campaign — a campaign to reduce plastic use and reduce the amount of single-use plastic that finds its way into waterways — worked with volunteers to clear up 35 beaches. With over 3,900 participants, the campaign managed to clean over 7,600 pounds of waste on beaches across the USA. As part of the Kick Plastic campaign, the company also created bio-resin frames made using castor oil.

Their most recent sustainability innovation, launched in 2021, is their Untangled collection of sunglasses. All frames in the Untangled collection are made from 97% to 100% recycled fishing nets, which were salvaged from oceans.

But their sustainability efforts don’t stop there. Costa has also been working in collaboration with OCEARCH, a team of scientists and explorers who study and protect sharks, as well as educating the public about them. The brand also offers relief for those living in coastal areas affected by natural disasters, as part of their #OneCoast mission.

Protect Your Planet and Eyes

So, if you’re committed to sustainability, just like Costa, why not buy a pair of Costa sunglasses in London?

We stock a wide range of Costa sunglasses; simply visit our independent opticians in London to find your perfect pair of sustainable sunglasses.