Glasses: For Fashion or Function?

Why wear glasses? Have you been advised to wear them by your optician? Or do you just like the way they look? Maybe it’s a combination of both, and why not?! Whether you wear glasses for fashion or because you have a prescription, there’s no reason you shouldn’t make your glasses a conscious accessory choice.

Eyewear Fashion Is Huge

Fashion in eyewear has grown significantly over the last couple of decades. There are now so many collections out there that it can be hard to make a choice at times! Most of the big fashion houses, such as Cartier, Dior, or Tiffany now also have eyewear ranges designed to match their iconic style. The other distinctive brands aren’t going to be left behind either, with award winning eyewear from Maui Jim and Lindberg creating collections that are unparalleled when it comes to craftsmanship, style, and innovation.

Stylish Glasses for Every Outfit?

With the advent of new acetates and other advanced materials, eyewear has never been so varied or interesting. Any colour, pattern and style can be found and it’s becoming increasingly common for people to own several pairs of glasses, mixing and matching them to coordinate with their wardrobe. Whether you need prescription glasses or not, eyewear can still be an accessory, with plenty of Londoners and celebrities around the globe often donning a pair of stylish glasses in the same way you would a necklace or hat.

Find the Right Look for You

Once upon a time, people would wear glasses to appear more studious, or avoid wearing them for fear of looking too ’nerdy’. The frames available then, were often plain, boring and unflattering, with many glasses wearers having to settle for the closest styles and colours to suit their facial features. All that has changed now, as eyewear brands across the world have taken on the mantle of producing frames that enhance the wearer’s looks.

At our glasses shop in London, we stock a huge range of fashion frames. Whether you’re looking for fashionable prescription glasses or non-prescription frames, we can help. We offer free frame styling consultations either in-store or virtually where our experts will help you to choose the perfect glasses or sunglasses to suit your face, personality and lifestyle. Contact us to book an appointment or visit us directly in store, and start your journey to building your eyewear wardrobe today!