Our guide to men’s eyewear

November marks the annual celebration of International Men’s Day. Celebrated across the world, International Men’s Day is built around six ambitions, each one aiming to support and celebrate men throughout the world. They are:

  • promoting positive male role models
  • celebrating men’s positive contributions across society
  • focusing on mental health and wellbeing
  • highlighting discrimination against men
  • improving equality
  • creating a safer world where people can reach their full potential

To coincide with this wonderful event and celebrate the men in our lives, we’ve brought together three of the best eyewear frame brands for men. Each one expresses a different side to masculinity, and they’re all available at our opticians in the City of London.

Lindberg glasses

Lindberg glasses

Three words sum up Lindberg eyewear – quality, comfort, and minimalism. Designed and made in Denmark, the brand’s designs are a fusion of the classic and the contemporary, featuring understated yet bold styles that exude class.

Like so many great brands, Lindberg grew from a family of master craftspeople and visionaries. Established in 1986 by Danish architect Henrik Lindberg and his father, optometrist Poul-Jørn Lindberg, the brand was founded on a unique blend of groundbreaking design and expertise in eyewear. With 112 internationally recognised design awards so far, the company has certainly lived up to the principles it was founded on.

Lindberg glasses are made from the highest quality materials, from high grade titanium to ethically sourced precious metals and can also be customised to your preferences, meaning that they’ll be made to truly reflect your unique personality and last a lifetime. We’re confident that any man wearing a pair of Lindbergs will embody effortless style and sophistication.

Hoffmann glasses

One for the adventurous, wild-spirited man, Hoffman Natural Eyewear is a sustainable brand that harnesses the beauty of nature, creating glasses frames using natural materials. Natural buffalo horn is combined artfully with wood, slate or titanium and each buffalo horn glasses frame is meticulously handcrafted to perfection.

Hoffman buffalo horn glasses frames are handmade in the artisan Hoffman Atelier in Germany by expert craftspeople, using traditional and modern techniques. The individual colours and structure of the materials used make each frame truly one of a kind, featuring different grains and textures to distinguish one from the other. The natural materials not only afford superior comfort; they’re gentle too and hypoallergenic – perfect for people with sensitive skin.

Frames are carefully branded with no logo on the side; the materials speak for themselves. They’re refined and classy, with a hint of the wild. These buffalo horn glasses are perfect for the man who feels a connection to nature and wants to express his free spirit and are available at our store in London.

Cazal glasses

Cazal glasses

Cazal eyewear was born in the 1980s by Austrian Cari Zalloni. The brand is famous for its bold, geometric designs, embellishments, and extravagant use of materials. Part glasses frames, part works of art.

The current Cazal glasses range features framed and frameless black, gold and titanium designs. A long way from form over function, these frames are as high-performing as they are beautiful. Made in Bavaria, Germany, they’re produced to exacting standards using high-end materials. They’re tough, long-lasting, and give that retro hip-hop edge to any man who dares to be a little different and carry statement styles without compromising on top-quality engineering. They’re also made in bigger sizes to suit wider nose bridges and facial features – meaning you don’t have to settle for sub par comfort either.

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