How Could Polarised Lenses Transform Your Summer?

Ever struggled to read your phone screen outdoors? Been distracted from the road by blinding light? Or squinted to see boats out at sea on a sunny day?  You’ve been the victim of glare.

Glare occurs when rays of light hit horizontal surfaces (e.g. a road, a lake or a car bonnet) and are reflected in the same horizontal direction. To some, this bright reflected light can be little more than a visual annoyance, but to others, it can sometimes be a blinding distraction – making it highly dangerous you’re driving.

Polarised sunglasses could be your solution.

Here at Optix Opticians in the City of London we stock some of the best polarised sunglasses on the market – including the latest and largest collection of Maui Jim Prescription Sunglasses UK – and our team are highly qualified to advise on eyewear to suit your life and style.

So, what are polarised lenses?

Polarised sunglasses are primarily engineered to eliminate glare reflecting off surfaces such as water, tarmac, glass and snow, although most also offer 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays. They overcome glare via an inbuilt laminated filter that only allows vertical rays of light to pass through, thereby preventing horizontal light waves from reaching your eyes. This makes them the ideal eyewear for anyone partaking in driving, water sports or skiing.

What are the main benefits of polarised sunglasses?

Not only do polarised lenses protect your eyes from UV rays and glare, they also offer extraordinary visual clarity. Technology embedded within the lenses improves colour contrast, increases visual comfort and reduces eyestrain.

If you’re on a digital detox, polarised lenses can also block some light frequencies from digital displays – so you can put your phone down and concentrate on socialising and relaxing outside!

Are there any drawbacks to polarised sunglasses?

It should be noted that polarised sunglasses aren’t for everyone. A small minority of people report feeling dizzy or disorientated whilst wearing polarised sunglasses, which might be caused by unusual configuration of the photoreceptor cells responsible for picking up vertical light signals.  In this small number of cases we usually recommend opting for tinted lenses.

And if your job requires you to use liquid crystal displays outdoors these glasses may not be for you!

Which are the best polarised sunglasses?

Spoilt for choice with our extensive collection of polarised sunglasses?  Check out our latest collection from Maui Jim. Inspired by the beaches of Maui in Hawaii, Maui Jim sunglasses arguably feature the best polarised lens technology in the world, and at Optix we’re proud to stock the largest collection of Maui Jim sunglasses in the UK.

Every pair of Maui Jim shades comes with PolarisedPlus2® lenses, which go beyond protecting your vision and work to dramatically enhance colours and contrasts in your surroundings.  Here are a few of our favourite pairs –

Maui Jim Alekona

Maui Jim Barrier Reef

Maui Jim Breakwall

Maui Jim Alelele Bridge

Polarised lenses are designed to increase visual acuity whilst eliminating glare.  Intrigued? Visit Optix Opticians in the City of London to discover our collection of polarised sunglasses and see how they could transform your summer.

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