It’s Not All About The Hygge – 5 Danish Qualities We Love This January

If you’ve kept your eyes open the past 12 months, you’ve won’t have escaped the Danish trend seeping into magazines, coffee shops, social media and even into your own home – they call it ‘hygge’.

Pronounced ‘hoo-gah’, the word roughly translates into ‘the feeling of comfort’ or ‘being cosy,’ and is probably the subconscious impetus behind your new pale grey chunky-knit blanket.  Hygge has become somewhat of a zeitgeist, and it seems you can’t browse the internet without being confronted oversized mugs of cocoa, fair isle slipper socks, candles, cushion covers, blazing wood burning stoves…

But alongside valuing comfort and contentment, Danes are also famed for their dedication to heritage, innovation, minimalism and style – all qualities embodied by Denmark’s most iconic eyewear export, Lindberg.

As one of the only official Lindberg glasses stockists in London, Optix is immensely proud to host the latest collection and celebrate the five Danish values embodied by this world-renowned brand…


Established in 1969, the Lindberg brand was the brainchild of Poul-Jørn and Hanne Lindberg, who opened their opticians practice in the Danish city of Århus.  The husband and wife partnership was successful, but they grew tired of selling heavy, cumbersome spectacles and soon realised there was a gap in the market for feather-light spectacles that prioritised unparalleled comfort alongside visual acuity.

Poul-Jørn – armed with a vision to create Lindberg eyewear


The Lindbergs teamed up with Hans Dissing – a renowned Danish architect – and together they became the first optical designers in the world to craft eyewear from titanium.  They established the Lindberg Optic Design House in 1984, from which the pioneering pair launched their first commercial collection of patented AIR Titanium frames.  Today, the brand has stayed true to its innovative roots and still works hard to ensure every pair of Lindberg eyewear frames incorporate the latest optical technology.

The Design House responsible for Lindberg eyewear


Renowned for its near-invisible rimless frames, Lindberg’s reputation rests on the aesthetic principles of minimalism, timelessness and elegance.  The collection is simple, utilizing classic shapes, neutral colours and unobtrusive design.  No logo is on show – the quality of the frames speaks for itself.  And perhaps most remarkably, if you look closely you won’t spot a visible rivet, weld or screw on a pair of Lindberg frames, with every feature seamlessly engineered to minimalist perfection.

We’re proud to be one of the official Lindberg glasses stockists in London


Worn by entrepreneurs (Steve Jobs), royalty (Queen Elizabeth II) and a host of A-listers (Meryl Streep, Robert De Niro, Tyra Banks, Brad Pitt, Elton John, the list goes on), the brand has become synonymous with effortless elegance and style.  Lindberg frames sit at one with your unique facial features, making them the perfect spectacles for those looking for a premium quality, classic look.



Last but not least, we return to hygge.  For although Lindberg’s sharp elegance and minimalism design may seem at odds with grey-blanketed ‘coziness,’ the entire brand owes its unique ethos to the Danes’ commitment to comfort.  The Lindbergs and Dissing were inspired to create their first collection of feather-light titanium frames through their inbuilt instinct for ‘hygge’ and the latest collection offers the wearer an unparalleled vision experience and level of comfort.

From the latest collection at Optix – Lindberg glasses stockists in London

Perhaps we owe a lot more to ‘hygge’ than we first thought…

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