National Eye Health Week: Eight Daily Habits to Boost Your Eye Health

It’s National Eye Health Week (23rd – 29th September)!


“How can I take part?” we hear you ask.


By building 8 simple eye health habits into your daily routine. Our team at OPTIX Opticians in the City of London have pulled together their top tips to boost your vision this week and beyond.


  1. Eat the Best Foods for Eye Health


It goes without saying that a diet packed with vitamins and nutrients is beneficial for your general health. But did you know that what you eat can impact your vision as much as your waistline? Pile up your plate with some of the best foods for eye health – colourful vegetables, leafy greens, seeds and nuts – to benefit from beta carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin and vitamin A.  These super-nutrients help mitigate against macular degeneration, cataracts and dry eye syndrome.


  1. Up Your Step Count


Staying active helps to keep your blood pressure stable, which in turn optimises blood circulation in your retina. Steady exercise every day can massively reduce your likelihood of developing glaucoma, so why not get off the tube a stop earlier and make a light walk one of your daily habits?


  1. Take Screen Breaks


‘Square eyes’ might not be a literal condition, but computer vision syndrome certainly is.  If you spend long hours in front of screens – at work and/or at home – you can take practical steps to prevent eyestrain, fatigue and double vision when tired. Adjust the position of your computer screen to slightly below eye level, reduce the brightness and factor in short breaks where you look away from your screen every 20 minutes.


  1. Don Your Shades

UV rays can burn your eye tissue, cause permanent harm to your retina and result in the onset of cataracts. Prevent long lasting damage by wearing sunglasses in bright conditions – whether in the UK or on holiday abroad.


  1. Look After Your Contact Lenses


Damp, soft and in regular contact with external debris, Transition contact lenses can be a breeding ground for bacteria if you don’t look after them properly. Wash your hands before touching your eyes and if you wear reusable lenses make sure to thoroughly rinse them in contact lens solution and store them hygienically every night.


  1. Don’t Sleep in Make Up

Make sure to remove your eye make up thoroughly before you go to sleep to prevent bacterial infections such as conjunctivitis. You should also look to replace your mascara and eyeliner every three months and wash any brushes once a month to keep your make up fresh.


  1. More Shut Eye

Many of us experience double vision when tired, but there’s an easy fix – more sleep. We all know we should aim for 7 hours of ‘shut eye’ a night – it’s a chance for your body to reset and your eyes to recover from a hard day of focusing on screens, text and faces. Sleep is also a chance to replenish your natural store of tears, vital for preventing dry eye syndrome.


  1. Book Your Eye Test!

National guidelines recommend that adults get their eyes tested at least every two years. It’s a chance for our expert team at OPTIX Opticians in the City of London to check your prescription and monitor your eyes for vision-threatening eye conditions.

So if you’re overdue, what are you waiting for? Use National Eye Health Week as the excuse you need to Request your comprehensive eye examination today!