New Year, New Look, New You: What’s Your Resolution?

Here at OPTIX we’ve spent the last couple of weeks grumbling about our New Year’s resolutions. As temperatures plummet most of us are already regretting our commitment to dry January, our premature biscuit-drawer clear out, our investment in jeans a size too small. We’ve still not been to the gym, and we’ve yet to face green smoothies for breakfast!

But despite the January blues, we’ve managed to boil down all our resolutions into two things – we want to be healthy and we want to look good.

We’ve also realized that these two mutual needs have always formed the basis of the services we offer at OPTIX Opticians in London. We understand that all our customers want to have healthy eyesight and want to look good, which is why we’re 100% committed to providing our local community with the best possible eye care and the latest trending frames.

So how can you make vision your priority in 2017?

National guidelines recommend adults should get their eyes tested at least once every two years, whilst those under 16 or over 70 should book annual examinations. OPTIX’s general eye test is one of the most comprehensive in the area, and is always tailored to your specific needs and concerns. Our three highly qualified optometrists are always on hand to offer expert advice on your vision, whether you’re in need of a new prescription or have other concerns about your eyesight.

In addition, our general eye test enables us to identify the slightest changes to the inside of your eyes, so we can accurately monitor for the earliest symptoms of common conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, and even diabetes. You’d probably rather lose your waist than your vision, so make a resolution to book in regular appointments with your optician to check your eye health.

Your glasses prescription is vital, but we know that the way you look with it on is also hugely important. If youbuy designer glasses with us, you can be assured that you’ll be investing in the very latest eyewear trends and the highest quality craftsmanship.

Every year we scour the globe for the latest and greatest collections from internationally sought-after brands such as Oliver Peoples, Tom Ford, Oakley, Prada and Christian Dior, so that our customers can be among the first to try the hottest new styles as well as our wide collection of classic frames. So if 2017 is the year you want to turn heads, why not pop into OPTIX Opticians in London to buy designer glasses from our huge range.

If we’re honest with ourselves our biscuit drawers might slowly fill over the coming weeks, our gym bags may gather a little more dust than we’d like, and that post-work glass of wine is already becoming increasingly inevitable. But there’s one resolution that is easy to keep – prioritizing your vision. Looking after your and your family’s eye health is simply a matter of booking a general eye test, so get in touch with OPITIX today to keep your eyes seeing well and looking good.