The hottest sunglasses shapes at Cannes

Enjoying the current heatwave and looking forward to the summer holidays, we thought we’d look back to the beginning of the summer, to the Cannes film festival for inspiration on the hottest shapes for 2018.

Small shades were a definite trend this year – though as optical experts we wouldn’t recommend you wear these if you’re in the sun for long periods of time (the small lens doesn’t offer as much protection for your eyes as a larger lens would), we love the style.

Kendal Jenner wowed us with her octagonal Rayban frame, and Bella Hadid opted for a cute 90s throwback with this rounded Oliver Peoples number.

Cat eyes are a perennial favourite and at the photocall for 355, a new spy thriller with not just one or two but five women stars, there were a few pairs in evidence,, showing how versatile this style can be. The striking green pair by Fendi, worn by Lupita Nyong’o makes a statement all of its own, with the bold green colour and the chunky styling. Whilst it makes a statement all of it’s own, Marion Cottiard and Jessica Chastain show how the style can take you in a completely different direction when it’s created out of light, delicate materials.

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