Vista Mesh – The Solution for Glare and Night Driving?

Are you spending long hours in front of the glare of your computer screen, whether at home or under the fluorescent lights of the office? Are your eyes feeling the strain? Or perhaps as the days draw in, you’re spending more time dealing with the visual challenges of driving in low-light or dark conditions.

Vista Mesh lenses

There is an innovative solution – Vista Mesh lenses.

How Can These Lenses Help You?

These lenses are designed to:

  • reduce glare by aligning scattered reflected light
  • reduce the fluorescent flicker effect
  • sharpen contrast for clearer vision
  • protect against electromagnetic radiation – digital devices are a major source of this

Collectively, all of these benefits result in reduced eye strain. Symptoms of eye strain include sore, tired eyes, watery or dry eyes, blurry vision, increased light sensitivity and headaches. Glasses fitted with these lenses can therefore help with headaches caused by straining your eyes. They are also known to improve car motion sickness and reduce glare.

How Do They Work?

Components of Vista Mesh Lenses

The lenses combine multiple layers to improve your vision and ensure a robust design, including:

  • a mesh filter to reduce glare – don’t worry, you can’t actually see the mesh when looking directly through the lenses, you’ll only be able to spot it by placing the lenses against a sheet of white paper and indirectly looking at them
  • a contrast filter
  • a scratch-resistant coating
  • a hard-multilayer anti-reflection coating
  • an easy-to-clean top coat

The lenses have a very light brown tint that adds an aesthetic appeal to the multitude of benefits they already offer. If you’re looking for glasses to help headaches, or night time driving glasses, these are just the ticket for you.

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