Oakley sports sunglasses – everything you need to know

From its humble beginnings in the garage of inventor James Jannard in 1975 to its leading reputation among elite athletes and sport-lovers the world over, Oakley is the designer that keeps on giving. A sports eyewear brand at heart, the company later extended into a variety of performance apparel and accessories, but it has stayed true to its roots, evolving with a range of must-have lens technologies.

Most will agree all the best sports sunglasses are comfortable, versatile, stylish and robust and the range of Oakley sports sunglasses at our London store tick all the boxes – whether you’re heading up the slopes or to the beach.

Key features


This pioneering feature was actually the key to Jannard’s eureka moment. While initially used for motorcycles, Jannard’s unobtanium turned out to be very useful for wayward sunglasses – especially since it actually grips stronger the more you sweat!

O Matter frames

Exclusive nylon composite is designed to make Oakley sports sunglasses frames lightweight and extremely durable hence their popularity among world-class athletes.

Plutonite lenses

Oakley’s patented high-grade polycarbonate material withstands wear and tear while providing 100% protection against UV light and blue light up to 400 nanometers.

PRIZM Lens Technology

PRIZM™ lenses are designed to complement the environment around you. Dye technology enhances the colours your eyes are sensitive to while filtering out the rest. There are three main categories, listed below, to ensure you’re covered for the right conditions.

PRIZM Everyday Lens

This Oakley sports sunglasses lens ensures the wearer is protected from UV rays while still capturing the vivid details around them, whether lazing on the beach or out on a hike.

PRIZM Sport Lens

This is designed to enhance sports performance whether indoors or out. Their optical clarity gives reaction times a boost while improving your overall game whether baseball, golf or cycling.

PRIZM Polarized Lens

The polarized lens is particularly useful for winter sports since it protects the wearer from glare. Oakley’s manufacturing process ensures its polarization axis is balanced across both lenses, resulting in 99% protection.

If you’re looking for Oakley sunglasses in London, why not pop in to check out our extensive range today?