Ørgreen Optics – Beauty in Simplicity

The simplistic style of Copenhagen born-and-based brand Ørgreen Optics captures the spirit of Danish minimalism.

The brand was created by 3 design students Henrik Ørgreen, Tobias Wandrap and Gregers Fastrup, who were supporters of the underground art scene, in 1997. Their creativity was drawn from the culture and fashion of 1940s America – particularly their interpretation of sports cars as functional art.

Today the company, which started out as a sunglass brand, sustains a timeless appeal, with its distinctive yet understated style, coveted by fashionistas from some 50 countries around the globe.

Ørgreen Eyewear – Innovation

If you’re in the market for designer eyewear in London and you’re looking for something unique, look no further than Ørgreen eyewear. Its versatile offering of shapes and styles, including men’s, women’s and unisex, means there’s something for every personality.

Each pair effortlessly combines elegance and class, with styles capturing elements of playfulness, daring and eccentricity. These individual characteristics are reflected in delightfully whimsical names from Sea Wolf, Lava Flavour and Star Tracker to Cube Eight, Twice Elliptic and Matador.

However, Ørgreen eyewear is most famous and one of the best eyewear brands for its diverse use of colours that effortlessly fuse themes of art and nature to achieve a unique tonal effect.

The colouring process includes at least 15 stages whereby the different colours, with sumptuous names like Bitter Chocolate, Orion Blue and Rose Smoke, are matched together in a collection of opposites, from pale to strong, and curated to achieve a complementary, eye-catching palette.

Each frame is then inspected from all angles to ensure it results in a breath-taking finish, encompassing raw, urban themes of street culture, art and sport.

This personalised approach is thanks to the company’s dedicated, in-house colourist, Sahra Lysell. Her work is applied to a range of Japanese-manufactured frames produced from pure and precious metals, including titanium and beta titanium, to achieve the finishing touches to the brand’s signature look.

If you’re looking for an extra touch of glamour, the brand’s Grand Danois Collection offers up frames with 24 carat gold plating and diamonds no less.

Those looking for comfort as well as style, need not be disappointed. Ultra thin designs and the use of lightweight materials mean frames have a barely-there feel, with silicone nose pads in a range of different sizes.

Browse Ørgreen Eyewear in London

If you’re thinking of freshening up your look or you simply want to treat yourself to a unique pair of Ørgreen eyewear, come and browse the full range from Ørgreen London store.

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