Our Eyewear Predictions for the New Year

Every new year brings a new season of fashion trends for eyewear in the UK, and an opportunity for a whole new look. We love fashion here at OPTIX, in fact, our owner and main dispensing optician, Marc, has even worked on Dolce and Gabbana designs, as well as reviewing frames, lenses and sunglasses for newspapers and magazines – and that’s all when he’s not sharing expert advice on the latest trends on the small screen!

So, if you’re looking for tips on the hottest eyewear in London you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our guide on what to look out for in the year ahead.

Men’s Eyewear Trends For 2021

We’re loving round frames on men at the moment. Round glasses are perfect for people with square faces, so men with a strong jawline will find this to be a great look that truly complements their features. This retro style is a big hit with celebrities, and we think it’s going to be a popular look for men everywhere in the new year.

Your brows are important for defining your face, so why not take this one step further with browline glasses? Thicker and bolder along the top, this style is vintage yet timeless, lending gravitas to the wearer. A favourite in Hollywood, this is a style that’s stood the test of time and is predicted to continue taking the world by storm in the new year.

Women’s Eyewear Trends For 2021

Bored with the same old frame shapes? Why not go geometric? A subtle hexagonal or octagonal shape adds mystique and makes for a perfect balance between square and oval.

Thin metal frames will never go out of style, but this season we’re expecting to see them paired with oversized lenses, recreating those quintessential 1970s and 80s looks. Delicate yet brave, the XL style also offers greater protection to your eyes.

Unisex Eyewear Trends For 2021

For styles that look great on everyone, bold acetates that come in a range of colours are a great option. Tortoiseshell and its lighter cousin, Havana, are set to be popular, with their great versatility and natural accents.

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