Persol Sunglasses – The Real Italian Job!

Finding an ultra-stylish and high-quality pair of shades is often easier said than done when you want the right sunglasses to look sharp and shield your eyes from the sun.

If you’re on the lookout for Persol sunglasses in London, look no further than our independent opticians! Let’s explore why these sunglasses are a great style investment for men and women alike…

Brand History

Persol was first established in Turin in 1917. Early on, founder Guiseppe Ratti focused on producing high-quality safety glasses for sportsmen, racing enthusiasts and pilots in the USA, in response to a need for comfortable and protective eyewear in demanding situations.

The brand continued to innovate and create new designs through the 1930s. It was later in 1957 that the iconic 649 frames were launched. Now they are legendary fashion vintage apparel but they were designed to guard Milanese tram drivers’ eyes against irritants and glaring light while they were working. A foldable 714 version took Persol to new heights when Steve McQueen donned them in the Thomas Crown Affair (1962).

Through the 1980s, the brand continued to research eyewear performance in extreme sports and in the 90s expanded its international customer base. Persol continues to be known for its outstanding luxury sports eyewear today.


Persol frames are still handmade in Italy with outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail at the original Lauriano factory. The highest quality metals, acetates, and crystal lenses, crafted with Persol’s technological prowess, result in glasses that are widely considered as works of art.

The unique manufacturing process cannot be automated and the frames take double the time it takes to make simple acetate frames. Each lens is cut with precision so that it fits the frames perfectly. Natural materials are the secret to Persol’s unique and nuanced colours – their acetate frames are made from cotton flowers.

Style and Inspiration

The brand’s iconic style embodies a sense of both adventure and luxury, thanks to the inspirational early designs for pilots, tram drivers, mountain climbers and motorsports racers.

The original Havana frames were inspired by the earthy elements of the landscape. This respect for the planet has been echoed in the newly launched ‘Madreterra Acetate’ which means ‘mother earth’ in Italian.

Who Would They Suit Best?

Persol sunglasses are perfect for men or women keen to exude style and class, as they effortlessly elevate any formal or casual outfit.

Uniting all ages with vintage yet timeless designs, this is definitely one of the eyewear brands that has become as famous as the stars that have worn them. The long list of celebrity devotees from around the globe includes Xabi Alonso, Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan (as James Bond), Léa Seydoux, Zac Efron and Italian actress Ornella Muti.

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