Protecting Your Eyes in the Office

Sweltering commutes, air-conditioned offices and long hours in front of a screen can wreak havoc with your eye health.


Computer eye strain and dry eye syndrome are particularly common problems for office workers, causing red, irritated eyes, blurred vision, headaches and/or neck pain.  These symptoms can negatively impact your sleep cycle and productivity at work, so the team at OPTIX have pulled together some simple ways you can prevent and mitigate the effects.


Digital eye strain effects 59% of computer users


First things first, sort out your computer.


  • Position – to reduce eye strain and neck pain your computer screen should be an arm’s length away from your eyes, with the top of the monitor sitting a couple of inches above your eye level.


  • Glare – tilt your screen so there’s no glare from windows or overhead lights reflecting off the surface and dim the brightness of your screen to match the room’s ambience (ideally 45-75%). This will lessen eye fatigue.


  • Blue light – blue light emitted by screens can cause computer eye strain. You can protect against this by adjusting the colour settings to warmer tones, installing a blue light filter on your computer such as lux or by investing in blue light eyewear.


Then make some habit changes.


  • Blink More – researchers recently discovered that when you work at a computer screen your blink rate is reduced by up to two thirds, so make a conscious effort to blink more to keep your cornea lubricated and prevent red, irritated eyes.


  • Stay Hydrated – drinking plenty of water, especially during the hot summer months, helps your eyes stay on top of tear production, which in turn mitigates the symptoms of dry or hayfever eyes in the office. If your eyes feel irritated you could ease discomfort with lubricating eye drops.


  • Break Regularly – aim to follow the 20-20-20 rule. Every twenty minutes give your eyes a rest from your screen by looking at something twenty feet away for twenty seconds.  This helps refocus your eyes and prevent digital eye strain.


If you experience the symptoms of digital eye strain or dry eyes in the office you should book into our world-class dry eye clinic or VDU assessment services to see one of our highly qualified optometrists.  These specialist appointments help us identify the extent of your condition and make bespoke recommendations for quick and effective treatment.


We also work with lots of local businesses to offer eye care plans for their employees, so if you’re concerned about your team’s visual health we offer great corporate discounts on eye examination and VDU assessment services.