Road Tripping with Serengeti Sunglasses

Serengeti sunglasses are engineered for adventure.


Specifically designed with drivers and pilots front-of-mind, they are renowned as the most technically advanced eyewear brand in the world, with every pair incorporating patented lens technology that ensures unparalleled clarity whatever the light conditions.



So whether you’re driving along the dusty roads of Tanzania, alongside the Nordic fjords or down Route-66, a pair of Serengeti sunglasses UK is a must-have road trip companion.


As one of the best opticians in London, OPTIX is proud to stock one of the most extensive collections of Serengeti shades in the country. The 2019 designs are characteristically timeless, featuring an array of classic styles – aviators, wayfarers, cat eye – forged in lightweight and durable acetate, nylon and metal. The colour palette is largely neutral, with black, tortoiseshell and honey frames set off with gold detailing on bridges and temples.


But it’s the lenses where Serengeti truly leads the field.



Serengeti manufactures its lenses from two different types of ultra-lightweight material – borosilicate mineral glass and Polar PhD™ Trivex – both of which can withstand some of the most extreme conditions on the planet. It is also the only sunglasses brand in the world to combine the high tech trinity – polarisation, photochromic molecules and Spectral Control® filters – into one ultra-superior lens.


So how do these three revolutionary technologies combine to offer you an unparalleled vision experience?



  • Polarisation – in addition to blocking 100% UVA and UVB rays, polarised lenses eliminate glare. This can be particularly useful in conditions where bright light may bounce off reflective surfaces (e.g. roads, snow or water) and cause distraction and/or eye fatigue. The polarisation technology works like a Venetian blind, so when parallel light rays enter the lens the perpendicular rays are reflected away from your eye – ensuring you maintain exceptional clarity of vision.


  • Photochromic – photochromic molecules are infused into every Serengeti lens to seamlessly adapt your vision to changing light conditions. These molecules are activated by UV radiation, expanding in bright conditions to create a denser, more absorbent lens and compressing in overcast conditions to allow in more light. So you’ll get a crystal clear view of the world whatever the weather.


  • Spectral Control® – this patented filtering technology enhances colours and details in your surroundings. The filter works by optimising the light wavelengths, filtering up to 95% of blue light waves to reduce ‘blue blur’ and promoting longer-wave red, green and yellow light to enhance vibrant colours in your surroundings. This technology can also protect your eyes from premature ageing caused by overexposure to blue light.


With these three elements combined into one superlens, it’s no wonder Serengeti’s sunglasses technology is considered unrivalled across the world.



This reputation certainly didn’t come overnight! Serengeti is a brand founded on the principles of innovation and has always been absolutely committed to developing world-leading sunglasses lens technology. The latest collection is a result of over 45 years of extensive scientific research pushing the very boundaries of optics.


If you’d like to experience Serengeti sunglasses UK for yourself, why not browse the collection online and visit OPTIX Opticians at Broadgate– one of the best opticians in London to see how they could enhance your next big adventure?