Starck Eyes

“Starck Eyes is discreet, it’s philosophical and high-tech.” – the words of Starck Eyes founder, Phillippe Starck. His eyewear offerings are just the latest in a long line of innovative creations that this famous architect and designer has produced. It’s a brand we’re proud to stock at OPTIX Opticians at Broadgate. So, how did it all begin?

A Born Innovator

The son of a famous aeroplane designer, Frenchman Phillippe Starck was born with engineering in his blood. He went on to work for Adidas and whilst there, set up his own industrial design company. His rise in acclaim began with refurbishing the then French President, François Mitterrand’s private apartments. Starck went on to design high-end hotels across the globe and began applying his unique approach to interior design and household products. To date, Starck has created everything from baby bottles to nightclubs, lemon squeezers to luxury yachts, and of course, eyewear.


Starck Eyes brought the concept of bionism to eyewear, that is, drawing inspiration from the human body to create technology that better serves it. Starck Eyes eyewear does this in 3 distinct ways with its flexible glasses frames.

Biolink® is what gives Starck Eyes its flexible hinge glasses. This biomechanical structure is based on the human micro-clavicle, which gives it 360 degrees of rotation and over 50,000 movements in all directions. Needless to say, this makes for truly robust glasses for the wearer.

Starck Eyes frames also boast ergonomic temple tips that adjust to each individual’s head shape for supreme comfort. And finally, the frames are made from a novel material called Gravity, a high-performance polymer that is both flexible and strong.

Discreet Designs

Starck Eyes’ discreet designs are perfect for anyone who loves beautiful, high-tech, high functioning eyewear. As one of the only opticians in the City of London who are currently open for business, you can discover this quietly confident range of eyewear by visiting us in-store in Broadgate.