Sunglasses – Fashion or Function?


Sunglasses are often viewed as a must-have fashion accessory, whether they are from the high street, or a renowned designer collection. At Optix UK, we firmly believe that having the right frame, colour, shape and lens tint can utterly transform your appearance and the way that people perceive you.

Is Fashion Alone Enough to Maintain Eye Health?

Although we place a lot of importance upon style and image, our team also care deeply about finding the right sunglasses for your overall vision and eye health.

Think of an attractive handbag. It might be outwardly impressive to others, but hasn’t got a  convenient pocket for your phone or enough space for your gorgeous new purse!  Likewise, whilst that seemingly perfect pair of sunglasses, with the double bar or mirror tint that you’ve had your eye on looks incredible on, they might not be serving their true function of protecting your eyes.

Sunglasses: A Functional Perspective

The most important role of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays and glare. There are two types of detrimental UV rays: UVA and UVB. Without a filter on your sunglasses that blocks out 99-100% of UV light, your eyes are just as susceptible to damage as your skin would be if you did not apply sun tan lotion when necessary.

Research suggests that overexposure to UVA rays can speed up the development of serious eye conditions later on in life, such as cataracts or macular degeneration. Cataracts can cause your vision to become cloudy, whilst macular degeneration results in the loss of your central vision. UVB rays can also cause short term damage in the form of ‘photokeratitis’: a painful inflammation of the eyes, equivalent to sunburn.

You can rest assured that our range of sunglasses not only features all the latest styles from your favourite brands, but also provides complete UV protection  – proof that fashion and functionality can exist in perfect harmony.

Polarisation Technology for Glare Prevention

Another common  problem that many of us  face, is glare from the sun. This is when light reflects off horizontal surfaces such as water, snow, or a car bonnet right into your eyes. It can make you squint, strain your eyes, and even temporarily blind you; increasing the risk of accidents and diminishing the general quality of your vision.

Whether you’re on holiday taking in the sun drenched beach views, trying to up your game on the slopes or simply driving in the bright light, polarised sunglasses could be a real game changer for you. They improve your clarity, vision and comfort, and if that’s not enough, they will also enhance your depth and colour perception, giving you a new kind of appreciation for the beauty around you.

At Optix UK, we know that in this image conscious world of ours, fashion plays a very important role when choosing sunglasses. However, we know that with our carefully selected designer frame ranges,  you won’t have to compromise on your style to care for your vision; you can own a pair of sunglasses that marry protection, comfort and aesthetics, covering all of your lifestyle and eye care needs.

If you would like to view our range of designer sunglasses, simply visit Optix UK to browse our latest collections. Alternatively, if you would like to speak to one of our dispensing opticians about sunglasses or polarised lenses, feel free to visit our practice or call us on 020 7628 0330 to arrange an appointment.