The heart of luxury – Cartier eyewear in London

Cartier is a brand synonymous with luxury. For the last 175 years, it’s been blending elegance with simplicity, building a reputation for style and quality that has stood the test of time. The eyewear glasses are exclusive to a select few stockists, and OPTIX is proud to be one of few to have the privilege of offering Cartier eyewear one of the best eyewear brands in London.


In 1847, after 10 years as a jewellery apprentice, Louis-François Cartier established Maison Cartier. His skills were immediately recognised and soon became popular among the French elite.

Since then, Cartier has gone on to supply French royalty, taking special orders for both the royal houses and a host of celebrities. Cartier started with the principle ‘Never imitate, always innovate’, and this has been upheld across its jewellery collections, watches, perfumes and of course, eyewear.

It wasn’t just the French elite who demanded Cartier products, but also the courts of England, Spain, Serbia and Russia. King Edward VII bestowed the brand with the name ‘Jewellers of kings and the king of jewellers’.

Materials and construction

So, it should come as no surprise that the materials used to make Cartier frames are of exceptional quality. They range from gold, silver, diamond, buffalo horn, wood, and leather, fused with carbon and titanium.

Such combinations permit versatility and flair, allowing the frames to be both lightweight and strong. Wooden frames, featuring 12 thin layers laminated together, showcase Cartier’s craftsmanship, and buffalo horn offers an unusual yet distinctive look. The gold used in all frames is 18 carats and the buffalo horn is carefully selected from the entire horn to ensure it’s the highest possible quality.

Cartier frames are built in an independent workshop, a rare occurrence in such a mass-produced market. Traditional and modern technologies are used in a complex and complementary process and Cartier is one of a handful of eyewear brands who construct in-house.

All designs start from a simple sketch, progressing to a wax frame, and then a 3D printed model. A prototype can then be put forward, and following approval, the crafting can begin.

There are many stages that require both time and precision. Take lacquering for example, which is done by hand, ensuring a smooth surface, before being diamond-polished for that ever-gleaming finish. With such attention to detail at each stage, it ensures that each pair of frames sold meet the stringent high standards that Cartier is known for.

Many of the frames are instantly recognisable by the panther logo and intertwined Cs, two of Cartier’s signature touches that are guaranteed to turn heads.

Find Cartier at OPTIX Opticians at Broadgate

Whether you’re looking for Cartier sunglasses for men or Cartier sunglasses for women this summer, you’ll find their frames in abundance here along with plenty of other designer eyewear brands at OPTIX Opticians at Broadgate. We can also fit prescription lenses for both glasses and sunglasses to help you see clearly and look stylish.

Being one of the only Cartier stockists in London, we are honoured to be able to provide professional and friendly consultations in the heart of the nation’s capital.

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