What Makes the Best Ski Goggles?

Whether you’re blasting down the pistes in Whistler or sipping a vin chaud in Courchevel, if you’re off to the mountains this spring you’ll need world-class quality eyewear to keep your skiing game on top form.

Prescription sunglasses offer excellent clarity of vision, but are liable to fog up in varying conditions, which is why goggles are now typically the eyewear of choice for those hitting the slopes.  Here at Optix UK, we only stock world-class performance brands, including the likes of Oakley, Smith, Bolle, Zeal and Versus, and we specialize in providing bespoke services, fitting prescription lenses within your anti-fog ski goggles and recommending contact lenses to maximize your visual clarity and comfort on the mountain.

But what makes the best ski goggles?

Protection and performance are two pivotal factors to consider when investing in the best ski goggles.   So with these in mind, our expert team has compiled the things to look out for when selecting your perfect pair…

Wide field of vision

The Alps, the Rockies and the Pyrenees mountain-scapes are colossal, so it’s important you have a field of vision to match and allow you to experience their full panoramic splendour. High quality goggles offer a much wider field of vision than sunglasses, giving you crystal clear surround-vision.

Strong shield

Active eyewear needs to provide you with clarity, whilst also offering protection from the knocks typical glasses can’t cope with.  Goggles from the major brands are typically manufactured with materials known to be incredibly flexible, light and durable, giving you maximum comfort levels for many years to come.  In addition, the advantage of ski goggles over sunglasses is that they cushion around your eyes, offering vital protection from debris, ice and snow that could flick up from the piste and harm your eyes.

Adapt to light

As any seasoned skier knows, light conditions on the mountain can vary from hour to hour – morning mist could enshroud the slopes in a flat light, whilst blinding sun could penetrate it minutes later. High quality lenses protect your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays, whilst photochromic varieties incorporate cutting-edge technology to adapt to these changing light conditions and maximize your visual acuity. Alternatively, if you prefer to wear goggles with specific capabilities, you can opt for lenses with an array of different tints to cater for specific conditions.

No steam

Prescription sunglasses offer excellent vision, but are partial to steaming up in varying conditions.  Good skiing eyewear should incorporate the latest breathable technology to ensure your vision never steams up whatever the circumstances.  Anti-fog ski goggles are an exceptional solution


Many of our skiing clients enjoy the freedom of prescription ski goggles, which we fit with the highest quality lenses tailored to your individual prescription.  But for those of you who want the ability to switch between goggles and sunglasses on the piste, we can help you select the perfect contact lenses to wear under your goggle mask, and we even offer anti-fog ski goggles that fit over your prescription glasses.

Looking good

Last but certainly not least, your eyewear is the ultimate accessory through which to channel your mountain style. Straps and frames come in an array of coloured, neon, and sleek black shades, with tinted and mirrored ski goggles lenses – all of which channel your individuality and skiing prowess.  Here are a few of our favourites from the current season…

If you’ve got plans to head out to the mountains this season and are looking to invest in a new pair of the best ski goggles, visit our practice to chat to one of our dispensing opticians in London and find your match.