Why Buy Oakley Ski Goggles?

Counting down the days until you can hit the slopes? With just two months to go until the ski season starts, prime yourself by investing in the latest and greatest skiing goggles from Oakley.

Oakley is arguably the most renowned sports eyewear brand on the planet, utilizing cutting-edge technology to produce high performance goggles and sunglasses for the world’s top athletes – and discerning customers. As one of the official Oakley stockists in London, OPTIX is proud to showcase the brand’s latest collection of skiing eyewear to get you mountain-ready.

So why should you buy Oakley ski goggles?

Extraordinary Clarity

Oakley PRIZM ski goggles incorporate state-of-the-art lens technology that heightens colours and contrast for unparalleled visual clarity on the mountain. So, whether it’s your first time skiing, or you’re a seasoned off-piste pro, you can assess the snow’s surface and skirt round any lumps or icy patches.

Look Fly

Instantly recognisable the world over, Oakley goggles feature a panoramic field of view, iconic strap branding and an eye-catching colour palette. There are so many colourways to choose from – with different options for the lens, frame and strap – ensuring a unique look on the slopes.

100% Protection

All Oakley goggles are equipped with full UV protection to shield your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, in addition to polarisation technology to block distracting glare reflecting off the snow.

Near-Panoramic Vision

With its ultra-wide field of view and frameless design, Oakley goggles allow you to enjoy the mountains unobstructed and easily spot other skiers in your peripheral vision.

Tailored to Light Conditions

Oakley goggle lenses are available in six different colours, tailored to help you see perfectly in specific mountain conditions – from low light too blindingly bright.  Our team is on hand to help you choose which tint is best for you.

Absolute Comfort

Each pair of Oakley PRIZM ski goggles is made from high-grade plastic that is ultra-lightweight and durable, designed with absolute comfort in mind.

With so much technology packed into a single pair of goggles, it’s no wonder Oakley has carved out a reputation as the go-to brand for skiing pros and holidaymakers alike. However, despite originating from sporting pedigree around fifty years ago, the Oakley wasn’t always focused on eyewear. So where did this extraordinary brand’s journey begin?

In 1975, motorbike salesman Jim Jannard had a very different vision – establishing Oakley to produce handle grips for motocross bikes. Ten years later he’d expanded the business into producing motorbike goggles, which proved a big hit with his customers. It was only a matter of time before Oakley shifted focus and moved into sunglasses and goggles for other sports enthusiasts – cyclists, skiers, snowboarders.

Jannard’s brand got its big break in 1986 when Greg Le Mond won the Tour De France wearing a pair of Oakley sunglasses. The company reached out to famous sports personalities across the globe and demand grew. Today, Oakley dominates the global sports eyewear market and can be seen on the faces of F1’s Fernando Alonso, NFL player Patrick Mahomes, Olympic snowboarders Chloe Kim and Red Gerard.

Get your hands on a pair of Oakley PRIZM ski goggles ahead of the 2020 ski season and see how they could transform your vision on the slopes at OPTIX Opticians at Broadgate- one of the largest Oakley stockists in London.