Why Choose Buffalo Horn Glasses?

Renowned for its durability, comfort and remarkable aesthetic, natural buffalo horn is the ideal material for crafting eyewear.

For thousands of years humans have prized horn for its beauty and strength. Today, world-class designers including Cartier, Lindberg and Hoffman Horn turn to this unique material to offer wearers an unparalleled overall visual experience.

So why choose buffalo horn glasses?

  • Translucent qualities imbue it with natural radiance as light conditions change throughout the day
  • Unique patterning and textures in the natural material ensure that your buffalo horn frames are completely unique to you
  • Natural strength means buffalo horn frames are much less likely to scratch or break than acetate varieties
  • Hypoallergenic qualities guarantee absolute comfort
  • Malleability gives creative freedom to designers
  • Ethically sourced material that is a byproduct of farming – this ensures buffalo horns are only used once the animal is deceased

Here at Optix we’re proud to stock one of the most extensive collections of buffalo horn glasses in London.


Favoured by royalty, entrepreneurs and A-list celebrities, Lindberg frames have built a reputation for exceptional quality and style.  The Danish brand is famous for iconic feather-light titanium frames for which it has won 99 international awards to date. It applies the same engineering prowess to its buffalo horn collection.

Stunning natural horn temples are inset with 18-carat gold, platinum and precious stones.  The natural qualities of horn – subtle colouring, light weight, durability – fit seamlessly with the brand’s ethos of extreme minimalism, whilst buffalo horn glasses from Lindberg are designed for comfort with incredibly durable screwless hinges.

Timeless shapes match the durability of the material – these frames should last you a lifetime.

1818 buffalo horn glasses from Lindberg



From the world class jeweller comes an exclusive eyewear collection uncompromising in its attention to detail. Precious metals are sunk into luxurious brown, white and black buffalo horn frames, leather wraps around bridges, and the iconic Cartier branding curls around the temples.

The distinctive qualities of the material ensure every pair of Cartier glasses in buffalo horn is completely unique to each individual, whilst its ultra-light weight guarantees a comfortable wear.

Santos de Cartier sunglasses in buffalo horn


Hoffmann Natural Eyewear

Hoffmann frames don’t feature a single logo – they speak for themselves.  This is a brand committed to serving discerning individuals with an eye for world-class quality and effortlessly elegant design.

Inspired by the natural world, Hoffmann buffalo horn glasses are handcrafted in sustainably sourced buffalo horn with accents of wood, slate, alpaca hair or snakeskin. Every detail is meticulously engineered, resulting in a collection that perfectly balances practicality and aesthetics. And every pair is proudly “100% handmade in Germany.”

Marc has an excellent relationship with Hoffmann Eyewear and is currently working with the brand on a very special project to be announced in the not-too-distant future.

Hoffmann buffalo horn glasses – Ti-line


Find out more about the Optix buffalo horn collection by visiting the practice and trying them on yourself, or chat to one of our dispensing opticians to discover how they could transform your vision experience.

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