For the Love of Lunor

Here at Optix Broadgate we fell in love with Lunor – their passion for attention to detail is second to none and the quality of the handmade glasses speaks for itself. Wrapped up in the finest materials to be seen on a frame, Lunor made a name for themselves within the eyewear industry and are known for their unique, vintage style glasses.

What is Lunor and what makes them so special?

Lunor was founded in 1991 and is well known around the world for their traditional production methods, with every single frame made by hand in Germany (Or Japan if titanium is used due to more expertise with the material in that region). The name of the brand came from the French phrase “Lunette d’Or” – which means golden spectacles. This is the result of Lunor’s first eyeglasses, which which were made out of gold and so the name stuck.

The founder Gernot Lindner found inspiration from the styles of the 1930’s and 60’s, some designs even have hints from the 18th and 19th century design  – the modern twist  comes from the use of acetate for production. Each frame goes through over 200 steps of production, they’ve abandoned the process of mass production, partnering up and working closely with manufacturers in South Germany.

Each piece of the frame is handmade, even the smallest details such as the hinges are designed and made with upmost care and specificity – they are hand crafted piece by piece from metal rods and functional rivets, which  makes for extreme durability and provides an extremely high end feel of the frame for the wearer.

“We’ll be honest: We don’t care much for logos. But we care a lot about fine details. Because it is in these details, well known to connoisseurs, that you can see what makes Lunor special.”

- Lunor

From the screws to the actual frame, not a single detail is missed – the bridge took over 5 years of development and research, it’s designed in a way to distribute the weight evenly across the nose to ensure maximum comfort for the wearer. The pads used on the glasses are made out of Titanium to lower weight and maximise durability. Every part of the frame epitomises their  philosophy of durability and comfort – this is what makes Lunor stand tall above the other frame manufacturers.

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