What’s in Your Christmas Eyewear Wardrobe?

There’s no better way to stamp some panache on your Christmas wardrobe than with a new pair of specs.

With 5 days to spend with your Christmas bubble, 6 person parties held under heaters on restaurant terraces, and as many Zoom meetups as you can squeeze in, there’s still going to be plenty of opportunities to show off your style.

We’ve got a range of stylish eyewear brands to inspire your winter look, including British heritage at Savile Row, French elegance at Lafont and the timeless grace of Hollywood at Oliver Peoples.

A British Icon

Harrison Ford Savile Row

Savile Row Eyewear stands for heritage and style. Founded in 1898 as Max Wiseman & Co., the company grew in London’s East End, going on to produce aviators for the British Armed Forces in World War 2, frames for Queen Elizabeth II and even serve as the inspiration behind John Lennon’s iconic round-frame glasses.

Today, the company’s known for crafting vintage-style frames by hand using traditional methods, and has counted Sean Connery, Harrison Ford and Denzil Washington among its clients. Perfect for the discerning London gentleman!

Parisian Chic

Lafont paris PE2020 KIT_WEB-18

Lafont Eyewear was born in 1923 on Rue Vignon in Paris’s Madeleine district. Three generations on, the company’s art deco spirit is very much alive and kicking, oozing oh so famous Parisian chic.

Handcrafted using innovative techniques and traditional know-how, Lafont glasses embody a refined, avant-garde style. Why not transport yourself to the streets of Montmartre and radiate that unique Parisian elegance wherever you are for Christmas and the new year?

Movie-Star Style

Oliver Peoples Onfigure

Oliver Peoples opened its first boutique on Sunset Boulevard, inspired by the fashion, film, art and music of Los Angeles. The perfect unisex glasses, these frames are characterised by the timeless style of Hollywood movie culture. Think Cary Grant and Rita Hayworth and bring the vintage Hollywood aesthetic to life with your own pair of Oliver Peoples!

Contact us today or visit our store to upgrade your winter look. With one of the most extensive eyewear ranges in London and highly experienced staff to help you, we’re sure you’ll be able to find a pair (or two!) that matches both your visual and lifestyle needs without compromising on style.