Glare on the Roads – What’s the Solution?

Winter brings shorter daylight hours, so if you work the 9 to 6 grind, you’ll probably be commuting in the dark. Driving at night presents plenty of hazards – reduced depth perception, decreased colour recognition, other drivers forgetting to dim their full beams – but the most pressing danger of all is glare on the roads.

Glare is caused when light rays, usually from headlights or roadside lights, bounce off flat or shiny surfaces – signs, windscreens or the road – and into your field of vision. This results in bright light flares, which can impair your eyesight and take your attention away from driving. Almost 90% of your reaction ability depends on clear vision, but glare can be a dangerous distraction, resulting in squinting and hampering clarity – especially whilst driving at night.

How best to counter glare? Anti glare lenses.

Anti reflective or anti glare coating for glasses virtually eliminates reflections from your lenses’ surfaces. This enables more light to pass through your glasses, instantly sharpening your vision and making your driving experience much safer and more comfortable.

The coating is applied to the surface of your lenses, forming a hard film layer. It is comprised from a material with an index of refraction that lies between glass and air. This property balances the intensity of the light reflected from the inner and outer surface of the film layer and essentially cancels out the two reflections from each side.

In this way the high-tech anti-glare coating for glasses is able to eliminate up to 90% of glare. This is particularly useful at night when your eyes are most sensitive to changes in light conditions. During the darker hours your eyes use photoreceptive rod cells to help your vision adapt to low light levels. However, bright glare disturbs these cells, reducing visual acuity and causing discomfort.

A pair of high quality anti glare driving glasses could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

In addition to improving your vision experience whilst driving at night, anti glare lenses have a number of additional benefits.

Many patients opt for anti reflective lens coatings to improve the aesthetic appearance of their spectacles. By significantly reducing reflections on the lens surfaces, your eyes become more visible behind the glass.

And if you regularly use a computer for work the coating can also help mitigate the risks of eyestrain and computer vision syndrome by shielding your eyes from a proportion of blue light from your screen. This boosts comfort and reduces screen-induced eye fatigue.

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