Do you really need more than one pair of glasses?

Variety is the spice of life and although we all have our personal preferences, most of us will admit to changing things up every now and then to avoid falling into routines that are too predictable. From our dinner choices and how we spend our leisure time to perhaps the most frequent decision we make – what to wear each day. So, what about your glasses? They definitely have an impact on your overall look, but ask somebody if they own more than one pair of prescription glasses, and most will react in a surprised manner, assuming that one pair is all that’s needed. This begs the question – do you really need more than one pair of glasses? The short answer — yes. Let’s find out why…

Expanding your wardrobe

One reason to purchase another set of glasses is to simply give yourself more options. In the same way we select jewellery to compliment an outfit, or put an outfit together to achieve a specific look, different glasses frames add to our style. Interestingly, many of us don’t think twice about doing this with sunglasses, with most of us owning a selection of shades in a range of colours and styles to match certain outfits and occasions, so why wouldn’t we think to do the same with our prescription glasses? With so many styles and shapes available on the market now, by choosing just one pair of frames, you could end up limiting yourself to such a small fraction of what’s available.

Having a back-up

It might sound obvious, but what do you do if your glasses break or get damaged and you’re unable to wear them? You’ll quickly put them in for repair in the hope of getting them back as soon as possible, but what do you do in the meantime? Most likely, you’ll rummage around for your old pair of specs, which probably have an out-of-date prescription and clear signs of wear and tear. You may be thinking that’s perfectly manageable in the short-term, but this depends on how much you rely on your glasses. Take a moment to reflect on exactly what you use your prescription glasses for each day and weigh up how easy it would be to spend a day without them.

Is wearing an old prescription safe? If you drive for a living or rely on your car to get around, it’s definitely not advisable to do that with glasses that aren’t providing you with the clearest vision. Secondly, think about how hard it would be to function with a dated prescription? If you need to read or write for work, you’re going to want an up-to-date prescription to avoid straining your eyes and making mistakes. The easiest solution is to purchase an extra set of glasses. This way, you’ll always have a spare pair with your current prescription that you’re comfortable wearing if one pair breaks, gets lost or temporarily misplaced.

Choosing activity-appropriate eyewear

Glasses aren’t one size fits all. We all have hobbies and interests and if you have a glasses prescription, you’re going to need to wear corrective eyewear brand to get the most out of doing the things you enjoy. If you’re a sun-lover, for example, you’ll want a pair of prescription sunglasses to wear for extended periods of time on holidays and during sunny weather.

Another pair that are a useful addition to most spectacle wearers’ wardrobes are computer glasses. These can help manage symptoms of computer vision syndrome and prevent your eyes from becoming strained. If you use a visual display unit, such as a computer, in your job, it’s well worth considering purchasing these for use at work to ensure you can perform at your best and avoid uncomfortable symptoms such as blurry vision, tired, red or irritated eyes and headaches.

An extra pair of specs can also be useful for sports lovers. Many sports, mainly winter ones, can benefit from specific eyewear as this can offer protection as well as providing you with the clear vision you depend on to fully enjoy and compete in an event, match or even just a friendly game. If you’re an avid swimmer or diver, you may want to consider prescription goggles too.

Investing in your vision

The expense can be a deterrent for many when it comes to the idea of buying more than one pair of prescription glasses. But glasses aren’t just another accessory, they’re vital for healthy vision. Purchasing glasses for every occasion is an investment you can be sure you’ll benefit from time and time again. From using them to read at work, to enjoying passions and pastimes, it’s an easy decision to make to purchase a second set, if not a third or fourth.

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