The ultimate adventure with Revo sunglasses

Buying new sunglasses may not be a priority with everything that’s currently happening, but there’s no reason why you can’t spend some time indulging on some virtual window shopping. Even the most hardened adventurers are staying home and avoiding unnecessary travel, but you can combat boredom by checking out the Revo range of sunglasses so once everything is open and travel is an option again, you’ll know exactly what you’re after.

What’s special about the Revo collection?

Revo is one of the best eyewear brands that makes performance sunglasses for people who love the outdoors. Whether you’re an active adventurer or the type who can spend days on end relaxing on the beach, you want to know that your eyes are protected. Revo sunglasses don’t offer just any protection – they offer NASA-level protection.

Back in 1985, Dr Mitch Ruda was working as an astrophysicist and optical engineer. While working on a project for NASA, he had an idea – why not use the same coatings that shield satellite windows from space radiation to protect people’s eyes from the sun? Dr Ruda was an avid skier, and as such was fully aware of how damaging the sun can be to unprotected eyes, particularly when participating in sporting activities. He saw the opportunity to use NASA technology to create superior eyewear offering a high level of protection, and a revolutionary brand of performance eyewear was born.

Revo fans have turned the brand into something of a cult product. Developed in a time when performance sunglasses were practically unheard of, Revo offered a range of eyewear that not only looked great but showed the creators really understood the adventure-loving people who wore them. Fashion and function combined, with distinctive styles and advanced mirrored lenses coming together to form a brand that fostered a loyal following. Since those early days, the brand has grown but it’s never lost sight of its original vision.

Superior technology

Revo prescription eyewear and sunglasses don’t just protect your eyes from the sun. They cover the full spectrum of light, giving protection from glare, blue light, UV rays and are even digital-friendly. Revo knows its adventurous customers need to see their devices while they’re out enjoying the world.
Several layers of coatings make up a Revo lens. The special mirror coatings based on NASA technology are one thing, but there’s also an oleophobic coating that repels oil and fingerprints, the back-surface protection coating to protect against reflections, a polarized film to reduce glare and eye-strain, and a hydrophobic coating to repel water and sweat.

Revo x Bear Grylls

Revo has partnered with many icons over the years, from astronaut Pete Conrad, who was the third man on the moon, to NASCAR star Danica Patrick. Most recently, the brand has partnered with Bear Grylls to produce a new capsule Revo collection. This new collection uses Revo SuperFlex™, a robust and flexible frame material that’s perfect for adventurers. Performance and durability were top of the list when developing this collection, but that doesn’t make the design aspect any less important. Everyday adventurers can look great while taking on new experiences.

Revo prescription eyewear for every occasion

Revo eyewear comes in a range of colours, each one giving the wearer a different perspective of the world around them. If you like to live out your active life on or near water, the classic Blue Water mirror coating gives maximum glare protection while keeping colours clear and unaffected. Graphite is perfect for everyday wear, while Evergreen is great for those who like to be out in nature. Terra is ideal for dealing with varying light conditions, and Smoky Green will bring natural colours to life. If you’re driving, be it on the green or on a road, Drive is the colour for you. Champagne, Spectra and classic Revo Blue all offer great visuals and great protection but different looks.

A perfect blend of design and performance

All Revo eyewear is designed with careful consideration. Everyone is different though, so we offer a range of frame styles to ensure you can find a pair to suit you, no matter your face shape, preference or lifestyle. Descend N rimless frames offer excellent peripheral vision, Taylor frames are made from eco-friendly bio-acetate, Raconteur is Revo’s own version of the classic aviator style, and Edge is a modern shield style frame. These are just a few of the many styles available to choose from. With all the different styles and colours of frames as well as the wide range of lens colours to choose from, you will be sure to find the perfect pair for your needs.

Visit us to pick out a pair

Once the current COVID-19 restrictions are over, why not visit our opticians in the city of London, where you can see our range of Revo eyewear and try them on for size. We think you’ll be won over by the combination of looks, comfort and of course, the excellent lenses.